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The Ultimate Guide to Live Casino in 2020

The beginning

Online casinos already exist for more than 20 years. In fact, the first online casino established in 1996. In the beginning, they weren�t so popular as today. On the contrary, it took quite some time before online gambling rose up. Furthermore, the mysterious world of online gambling never sleeps. Because of the hard competition, the gambling industry has become very innovative.

So talented developers asked themselves a question. Why do gamblers prefer land-based casinos instead of online casinos? The answer is quite simple. Players want the same experience as in land-based casinos.

From that day on, software developers started creating live casino software. One of the first providers of this software is Evolution Gaming. The company put all its efforts into revolutionizing the live industry. And with success, the software developer is well-known for its high-quality live games.

On top of that, Evolution Gaming has won multiple rewards such as �Live Casino Software Supplier Of The Year� at the EGR Awards. So when you find yourself in a position where you need to choose between live software providers, we encourage you to choose Evolution Gaming. For example, Rizk Casino only works with the live games of Evolution Gaming.

Sloto Cash Casino Review

What is live casino?

Live casino is a new way to play conventional games without leaving your home. Live gambling combines the best features of real gambling and online gambling. This new form of gambling has become extremely popular.

Where land-based casinos can�t keep up with all the innovations in the gambling industry. Live casino, on the other hand, implements all new features and games with ease. As a result, players who prefer to play live casinos have access to exclusive games.

How does live casino work?

The concept is quite simple. A live dealer plays your desired game in front of a camera. The software calculates the outcome of the game and credits your account. For example, live roulette, one of the most popular live games on the market. First, the system counts down till the next round. During this time, players place their bets. Then the live dealer spins the roulette in front of the camera. The ball drops on a number and the system calculate the outcomes for each player. Easy right?

Well, each live game works with a similar system. It basically comes down to the following steps:

  • The player interacts with the system.

  • The live dealer plays the game.

  • The system calculates the outcome.

  • You win or lose!

  • Repeat the cycle.

During the game, players can also chat with the dealer. Each game comes with a live chat feature. The dealer only provides answers to relevant questions. For instance, questions about the rules of the game.

The downsides

Besides all the advantages, live casino also has some downsides. These factors are of great importance once you consider playing live casinos.

First, if you want to play live games without care, you need a proper internet connection. In fact, without an internet connection can�t even browse online casinos.

For instance, providers developed live software that streams live games in high video quality. Without a good internet connection, the software will broadcast low video resolution, such as 360p. Or even worse, you will disconnect from the casino. Just take care of your internet. So you get the best live casino experience.

Secondly, the gambling speed. The gambling speed is much lower in comparison to conventional games. Because live games require interaction between you and the live dealer. So if you prefer rounds at a faster pace, don�t choose a live casino.

Popular games

The most popular live games are live blackjack and live roulette. We provided a detailed explanation of these games below:

  • Live roulette is a very simple game. The game aims to determine the correct outcome of the ball in the wheel. You do this by placing a bet on one of the many betting options on the table. If your bet matches the outcome, you win x times the amount bet; depending on which betting option you used.

  • Live blackjack is also a pretty simple game. The goal is to get as close as possible to 21, or even better get 21. The rules are straightforward. You lose if you go higher than 21 or you lose when the dealer ends higher than you. Blackjack has always been a very popular game. But, with the rose of online casinos, the game becomes even more popular.

The future

10 years ago, live casino was not more than a camera and a live dealer.

However, live gambling is a completely different story now. Not only increased the number of live games to 21. The games itself have become amazing shows. One thing is sure the future of live casinos is very bright. But what�s next?

Virtual reality is a technology that lets you experience a different reality. For that reality, you have to put on special glasses. These glasses project a fictive vision in front of your eyes. This technology brings a new dimension to gaming, including live gambling. An experience where gamblers can become personages in fictive worlds. For example, playing poker as Superman on the moon. With Virtual Reality, there are no limits.

Apart from Virtual Reality, live gamblers can expect more games, better quality and more interaction during the next years.


The days were online casinos can�t compete with land-based casinos are over. Due to the rapid development of new technologies, players can experience quality gambling without leaving their homes. Live casino is one of these technologies and an essential part of online casinos. However, the quality comes with a price. Live casino requires a good internet connection. Otherwise, you can�t get the best experience.

With a good connection and some investments, you can take live gambling to another level. The gambling industry developed casino games in Virtual Reality, allowing players to play games in fictive worlds.

VR is just the beginning of the future of gambling. In the future, we can expect better quality and more games.

Excited to play live games yourself? We provided the best online casinos who provide live casino features. Pick your favourite and collect your welcome bonus!

There are various sort of on the internet casinos, and some on-line casinos are so one-of-a-kind that they require specialized support groups to help clients figure out how to play. The reason these games are so preferred is since it is just one of minority times a day people can bet complimentary or obtain something for nothing, even if you shed. If you are still new to the concept of on the internet casinos then you will certainly intend to make sure you locate the right online casino for you.

Support system can be located throughout the net however the most effective are the ones that are carefully pertaining to the video game. Locate a team that offers great suggestions on how to play the video game prior to making any kind of down payments. Never make the error of choosing an online gambling establishment without the assistance of a friend. See to it the online casino you are going to is actually authorized to accept your totally free cash to play.

Be sure you put in the time to figure out if you are the only one that delights in playing online poker video games or just do individuals around take pleasure in online casino poker. Some people merely don't such as the game and for that reason they won't play it for free. Other people that appreciate it and also intend to try it out can enter with their very own cash. Several of these casinos are unreal cash video games and also for that reason you can escape depositing very little cash.

It is best to recognize if you are having fun prior to paying your cash to an online gambling establishment by checking an evaluation site. There are many genuine review sites that offer you straightforward feedback regarding what a casino resembles. This can likewise be an excellent source of info on how well the video game is done and also the chances of obtaining free ride, often described as a totally free spin.

In most cases, a totally free spin does include your initial down payment, nonetheless you will certainly be charged a small fee whenever you return to play again. You must understand that while you can play from house, the most effective gaming experience can be had when you remain in the gambling enterprise because it is all individual and no one else is entailed. This is the very best means to play the video game.

Ensure that the casino site you are going to have the games that you take pleasure in playing in poker games and ports. A minimum of one is required to have a good casino poker video game. Also remember that specific video games such as video texas hold'em have less skill demands and therefore a higher payout.

Some video games need more skill than others. Bear in mind that playing for totally free is not a demand but lots of gambling enterprises make the effort to urge a player to make a down payment. It does not indicate that you can make any wagers you desire in an on-line gambling enterprise. Before you make a down payment, keep in mind that if you shed the money is gone permanently.

Another point to take into consideration is the type of casino site you are go to my site signing up for. In order to learn all of the details of a gambling enterprise you ought to do some study online. Ensure you check out gaming evaluations, evaluation websites, and also take a look at numerous internet sites that offer evaluations as well as rankings on casino sites.

Do not ever join any type of gambling establishment that uses games that you do not enjoy playing. Several casino sites use all types of games yet a few of them have ended up being known for a certain sort of gambling game. Consequently you might be playing the exact same game for years and also not obtain any kind of complete satisfaction from it.

Take the time to decide what type of video games you wish to play. There are different levels of play that will certainly permit you to bet a collection quantity of cash. See to it that you constantly understand how much you are spending for the game you are playing.

Ultimately, make sure that the casino you are going to be genuine. The majority of the moment you can tell if the casino is reputable by considering the logos or name of the casino. Sometimes a logo or name is published on the casino indicator. If you can see these logos after that it is a winner that the gambling enterprise is legitimate.

It is challenging to locate a complimentary gambling establishment or real money online casino. This is why it is always a great idea to do some research to learn how to play the video game you have an interest in. This is the only way to take pleasure in the video game.

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